World Drums

Sound Effects and Accessories




  1. -Ewe Drums

  2. -Djembes

  3. -Mbiras

  4. -Cajons

  5. -Congas

  6. -Bongos (with stands)

  7. -Cowbells


  1. -Drum Sets

  2. -Castanets

  3. -Triangles

  4. -Tambourines

  5. -Shakers

  6. -Frame Drums

  7. -Almglocken


  1. -Chinese Red Drums

  2. -Chinese Timpani (tunable)

  3. -Chinese Toms (tunable)

  4. -Gamelan

  5. -Wind Gongs 6” - 40”

  6. -Tuned Gongs (individual pitches or octave sets available from C2 to C6)

  7. -Bender Gongs

Sound Effects

  1. -Wind Machine

  2. -Thunder Sheets

  3. -Sirens (hand held and stand mounted available)

  4. -Bird Calls

  5. -Waterphones

Woodshed Percussion carries a wide array of world drums and sound effects including drums from various regions of Africa, Cuban percussion, Chinese toms of all sizes, sirens and our custom designed wind machine.  If you need it, we’ve got it.  If you fall in love with the instrument that you are renting, remember: almost every instrument that we rent is available for purchase.

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